Photos & Testimonials

See below some of the great locations the Pterodactyl has been seen flying in, click to view larger. Email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) us your photos of the places you've flown your pterodactyl, plus any comments and we'll add them to our gallery.

Feedback from customers

"Swoopisaurus" was flying high at the Minchinhampton Common Kite Festival in Gloucestershire this weekend. It was much admired!"
Helen and Freya

"the kite's awesome, looks like a real pterodactyl. Whenever I fly it everyone looks at it"
Sam, aged 12

"just a quick note to say how much we're enjoying the pterodactyl kite I recently bought. Flies well, looks terrific and certainly attracts attention!"
Steve, South Wales

'The kite was really easy to put to together and get flying -for some reason I thought that kites were super complicated to assemble so I was a bit worried but it only took a minute or two from taking it out the case to getting it up in the air. It looks great too -very 'realistic' and lots of people stopped to watch! It was easy to fly and the streamers are a really nice addition. Everyone I've told about the kite thinks that it sounds very cool! '
Rosa, Edinburgh

'The kite itself is amazing, "pretty cool" per the "audience" of kids and dads that got together to see "Tiny" --- as my dinosaur fan daughter called it after one popular character of "The Dinosaur Train."'
Juan and Carolina, New York, USA